As we started to transition from GimikZone to INKD Comics, our momentum was stopped temporarily. As soon as I was making the finishing touches to this site, my primary Facebook account got disabled. Let’s just say I got hacked and the asshole did something that prompted Facebook to shut me down. The problem? My Instagram account plus the official brand accounts for GimikZone, RaveForce and INKD Comics got disabled as well.

I already wrote to Facebook but they have not replied yet, so instead of waiting I just went to create a new personal Instagram account and a new account for INKD. I also reactivated my old Facebook account which as of the moment I am trying to “clean up” as I just freed my friends list from deactivated accounts, dummy accounts and dubious accounts that stack up to almost 1000. There were also a lot of groups that I don’t even remember joining so I had to leave those too.

Well despite this hassle, I was able to bounce back. The only thing I really have to do next is finish episode 4. I’m aiming to release this sometime between November 10 to 12. On the right is a small preview of what to expect.

For now I will focus on just one Instagram account for both INKD Comics and RaveForce instead of having one for each. It will only be on Facebook that they will have separate official pages.

As for GimikZone’s social channels, we’re undecided at the moment if we’re just gonna leave the Facebook page as is or merge with it. It’s quite a tedious process that requires a lot of waiting too. GimikZone is now relegated as a part of INKD Comics – functioning as a sub-brand for lifestyle and events entertainment.