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Sunday, January 20, 2019



After spending more than a decade covering nightlife and events, startup founder GN Ochoa renewed his interest in digital art and comics that he felt its time to catch up with his original passion: making comics. He revived RaveForce – a sci-fi superhero team that he created in 1996 and by 1998 had a finished graphic novel but never found its way in print. He saw an opportunity to introduce RaveForce to the world and re-imagine his creation to make it more fitting in the 21st century. RaveForce was originally launched at GimikZone, an entertainment media startup co-founded by GN that focused on nightlife, events, geek culture and social media trends.

However GN wanted to focus more on digital art and web comics than what GimikZone focused on. That is how INKD Comics was born.

INKD Comics serves as an online publisher for Filipino comic creators as well as a breaking ground for aspiring individuals who want to re-define and shape an ever-evolving industry. RaveForce became INKD Comics’ premiere comic franchise, while GimikZone, is re-established as a lifestyle and events entertainment brand of INKD Comics. 

As local comics lean more forward to the digital side of things, which is evident with the rise of online platforms like Webtoons and Tapas, INKD Comics is here to help people discover Inspiring New Knockout Digital Comics.