Wow, things got so busy these past few months and I missed my target to finish chapter 1 of RaveForce – which I am still finishing at this point in time. Let’s just say I had several things to finish as of late, some priorities that needed to get done as well as other responsibilities.

So what do we expect in 2019? It’s already February and there are still a lot to be finished. Of course one of them is RaveForce, while the story has been written for the next 3 chapters, the last episode of Chapter 1 still needs some coloring and some last-minute changes if necessary. This website may also undergo significant changes as well plus the next article in my “So You Wanna Do Komiks” series.

Summer Komikon is also coming and one of the things I want to get going is to become more involved in it than the last one. Hopefully I would but a media pass would still be good. It’s gonna be a hefty investment on my part and speaking of which, I am planning to upgrade my gear this year. My target is the new XP-Pen 15.6 Pro which features tilt functionality, extra hotkeys and added ring dial. It also features a fully laminated IPS display that reduces parallax – something that I had to get used to with the current model I have. It’s currently selling at $439 at the XP-Pen store which is more or less 23k PhP.

So that’s it for the mean time. I’m doing this post just to say we’re still alive and good things are on their way.